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Why NomKa

Why Outsource Your Call Center To NomKa?

Every business solution has advantages and disadvantages, and an outsourced contact center is no exception. The table below provides a comparison of an outsourced contact center to an inhouse call center. NomKa's strength exists in being able to maximize the advantages of outsourcing your contact center and minimizing the disadvantages. We are able to achieve these results through collaboration and continuous communication between NomKa, your company, and the customer.

Comparison at a glance

In-House Call Center Advantages

  • New telecommunication infrastructure at the launch time; up to date phone and IT communications system
  • High reliability & constant monitoring
  • Independent administration
  • Providing lower level of rotation

In-House Call Center DisAdvantages

  • Very high start-up expenses (especially technology)
  • High maintenance costs of technology component (hardware, software, and consulting services)
  • Long lasting process of adapting to newly implemented solutions
  • High costs of employment recruitment, training, keeping a sufficient number of employees.

Outsourced Call Center Advantages

  • No infrastructure start-up investment
  • Financially more cost effective
  • Employees with diverse backgrounds, that can respond to different needs
  • The efficiency of using different channels of communication, both inbound and outbound
  • Availability of security systems
  • Adapting to the latest technology standards and customer service practices
  • No HR problems
  • No issues with screening and hiring new employees
  • Cost control possibility to negotiate the price, lower overhead and operational costs
  • The contact center employees are already trained in customer service

Outsourced Call Center DisAdvantages

  • Contact center staff does not always identify with the company
  • Risk of outsourcing to a low quality contact center resulting in unhappy customers and lost business & reputation

  • WITH NOMKA CONTACT CENTERS all the disadvantages of Outsourced solution ARE COMPLETELTY ELIMINATED!